Edward J Malloy Memorial Award

To say that Ed Malloy made significant contributions to the labor movement over the course of his 20 years as President of the State Building Trades would be an understatement. Whether he was staging large-scale labor rallies or low-key business meetings, Ed’s primary concern was to protect the members and do whatever necessary to keep them working. To that end, he pioneered the use of public sector PLAs in New York State, beginning with the Tappan Zee Bridge project in 1994.   He was relentless when it came to public infrastructure investment, and he constantly sought new and creative ways to create jobs and fund projects. What really characterized Ed’s tenure, however, was his ability to tackle problems effectively.  Sometimes this meant making a difficult decision, and sometimes it meant making no decision at all, believing time would be the best remedy.  From politics to internal affairs, Ed’s choices were guided by his heart without ever losing sight of the struggles fought by those before him, and these core values guided his every move.  While his approach sometimes turned heads, the wisdom of his decisions was often appreciated months or years later, when the benefit of hindsight afforded others a clearer picture.   And that is the legacy of a true leader.  We expect politicians and business leaders to adhere to these same principles.  We expect them to support the Trades and make decisions with their hearts - to do the right thing - even when doing so creates controversy.  Those courageous enough to take a stand should be recognized.

Edward J Malloy

Memorial Leadership Award Recipients

2016 - Hillary Rodham Clinton

2015 - Tom DiNapoli, NYS Comptroller 

2014 - Sean McGarvey, North American Building Trades Unions President

2013 - Senator Charles Schumer

From L-R: Richard O'Kane, President of  Nassau and Suffolk Counties BCTC; Gary LaBarbera, President of Greater NY BCTC; Hillary Rodham Clinton; and James Cahill, President of NYS BCTC.

April 21, 2015

From L-R: Tracy Connolly; Tom DiNapoli, NYS Comptroller; Gary LaBarbera, President of Greater NY BTC; Anne Trenkle,  NYS H2H Director and daughter of Ed Malloy; and James Cahill, President of NYS BTC.. 

March 10, 2014

From L-R: Gary LaBarbera, President or Greater NY BTC, Tracy Connolly, Sean McGarvey, North American Building Trades President, James Cahill, President of NYS Building Trades.

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