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​Since its inception over 50 years ago, the New York State Building & Construction Trades Council has fostered safe working conditions for its members. Our mission has always been to promote the development of health and safety practices so that the men and women in our industry are trained and protected. In addition to the extensive training provided by our apprenticeship programs, we have been successfully applying for and receiving safety and health grants from the New York State Department of Labor, Hazard Abatement Board for the past 19 years. We currently have a commitment for funding through July 2018. These funds allow us to deliver training to our members and to reimburse certain local unions who do their own training, provided they applied for reimbursement by the applicable deadlines. Please check back often as this page will be updated with current information, application forms, and other safety related information.


Your membership in the State Building Trades pays off!

                                                                               Year       Funds Granted

                                                                         2019         $356,025                                                                                                                                          2018         $350,624

                                                                         2017         $355,716

                                                                         2016         $358,405 

                                                                         2015         $358,000

                                                                         2014         $368,000

                                                                         2013         $347,000

                                                                         2012         $207,000    


Please send questions to Megan Pliscofsky, Safety & Health Program Director at


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