Established in 1958, the NYS Building & Construction Trades Council currently represents over 200,000 unionized construction workers in New York State.

Our 16 local building trades councils, 12 district councils and state associations, and 135 local unions represent the trades that build our roads, bridges, schools, and office buildings. Believing that every worker deserves a fair wage and safe working conditions, our mission is to protect and further these basic privileges.



Executive Board

James Cahill, President

Albert Catalano, Secretary Treasurer

Robert Reap, Asbestos Workers & Insulators

Steven Ludwigson, Boilermakers

Jerry Sullivan, Bricklayers

William Banfield, Carpenters

Sam Fratto, Electrical Workers

Donald Winkle, Elevator Constructors

James Mahoney, Ironworkers

Sam Fresina, Laborers

Dan McGraw, Operating Engineers

Gino Castignoli, Plasterers & Cement Masons

Joe Azzopardi, Painters

Michael Rossi, Roofers

Dante Dano, Sheet Metal Workers

Thomas Gesauldi, Teamsters

John Murphy, Plumbers & Steamfitters


Project Labor Agreements

A PLA is a comprehensive pre-hire agreement that provides owners and contractors access to the highly skilled workforce necessary for complex projects.  A PLA:

  • Establishes the terms and conditions for labor in advance so that contractors are able to make exact bids.

  • Eliminates cost-overruns and project delays.

  • Ensures value, quality and cost savings for owners and/or taxpayers.

  • Fuels the growth of our communities.


​PLAs are especially useful for large, complicated construction projects because they simplify the process and facilitate on-time, on-budget project completion:

  • Through negotiations, a PLA will establish wages, hours, and work rules before the project begins so there are no surprises along the way.

  • A typical PLA includes no-strike and no-lockout agreements to further ensure on-time and  on-budget project completion.

  • PLAs do not hinder competition or restrict bidding to union-only contractors. A PLA is available to any contractor who will accept its terms, and numerous court decisions have stated that New York State’s Competitive Bidding Laws are not violated by using a PLA.


Who negotiates a PLA?


  • ​PLAs are typically negotiated pre-bid between the project owner and the Local Building Trades Council having jurisdiction of the project site.  In certain instances, such as when a job is extremely large or complicated, or when the public entity is the State of New York or one of its Departments, it may be more advantageous to have the PLA negotiated by the State Building Trades Council along with input from the Local Building Trades Council.

  • The negotiated PLA is then included in the bid documents.

  • Sometimes, when the public entity chooses NOT to pursue a PLA, the winning bidder on the project opts to enter into a PLA post-bid.  In this instance, the private company reaps the cost-saving benefits of the PLA rather than the public entity and taxpayer.



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Phone: 518-435-9108

Fax: 518-435-9204


Phone: 518-435-9108

Fax: 518-435-9204

113 State Street, 1st Floor, Albany, NY 12207

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