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PLAs are the foundation of a smooth construction project, and they are often utilized by both public and private owners to ensure complex projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

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Officers Meeting set tentatively for June, 2014.

About us

NYS Building & Construction Trades Council


Established in 1958, the NYS Building & Construction Trades Council currently represents over 200,000 unionized construction workers in New York State

Our 16 local building trades councils, 12 district councils and state associations, and 135 local unions represent the trades that build our roads, bridges, schools, and office buildings.  Believing that every worker deserves a fair wage and safe working conditions, our mission is to protect and further these basic privileges.

Protecting the rights of new york's workforce since 1958.

LEFT:  President Jim Cahill greets Governor Andrew Cuomo at the NYS Building Trades Council's 35th Constitutional Convention.

The Edward J. Malloy Memorial Leadership Award, established in 2013, is presented annually to a political, civic or business leader  who best exemplifies Ed's vision of leadership. 

Edward J malloy memorial leadership award

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