Our focus is on Workplace Safety, Wage Theft, Renewable Energy, Equality and Harassment-Free Workplace, Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wages, Apprenticeship and Training, and more!  As our website grows we will be expanding this section to include information on these and a variety of additional topics. 

2022-23 Budget Priorities


Design-Build (Part AA, TED)


  • Support the Legislature’s proposed changes to include a PLA requirement for any design-build project performed by qualifying state agencies under the Infrastructure Investment Act.Without a PLA, the project should utilize traditional procurement methods with proper oversight and transparency.This would mirror language from the NYC statute that is also being extended.


    Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Bond Act (Part OO, TED)


  • Support the Legislature’s proposed labor standards that were inserted into Part OO for all programs receiving Bond proceeds.While many of these projects will run through public entities, there are various loopholes that could remove worker protections associated with public work.
  • Support the Legislature’s proposals for a training fund of $50 million- both items are included in the ATL bill.


    EV and Hydrogen Buses (Part B, ELFA)


  • Support the Legislature’s amendments to include prevailing wage requirements on all charging infrastructure.
  • Subpart C of this Senate one-house proposal is a new, zero-emission requirement for OGS and state government vehicle fleets.We would request the same prevailing wage language if this subpart is accepted.


WDI Statewide Pre-Apprenticeship Program


  • Seeking a $500,000 appropriation to assist Building Trades’ pre-apprenticeship programs across the State in breaking down barriers to entry within underserved communities