Our focus is on Workplace Safety, Wage Theft, Renewable Energy, Equality and Harassment-Free Workplace, Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wages, Apprenticeship and Training, and more!  As our website grows we will be expanding this section to include information on these and a variety of additional topics. 

The following initiatives are a big part of the current NY State Legislative session:

Renewable Energy Job Standards:  We have been prioritizing this issue and advocating for its inclusion in the NYS Budget.  The Trades are seeking to ensure that large-scale renewable energy construction, operations and maintenance jobs are performed, to the extent possible, by a unionized workforce.  As the State and country shift away from fossil fuel, we must ensure Building Trades’ workers are not left behind.  

Construction Industry Wage Theft:  This legislation will fight back against unscrupulous contractors and help exploited workers get paid on-time.

NY HERO Act:  Applying workplace safety protocols for airborne infectious diseases.  See bill here.